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American Hellenic Hull Insurance company covers Hull & Machinery insurance for all types of vessels. It is licensed and operating in Limassol, Cyprus while it offers local bespoke services in Piraeus, New York, Houston, London, Hamburg, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
The company works together with more than 100 brokers in three continents, turning Marine Insurance underwriting into a personal trusted relationship and custom protection schemes for every quality ship owner.
The company under Solvency-II offers triple protection to its policyholders: a) strong capital adequacy, b) backed-up by The American P&I Club, c) excellent reinsurance protection with first class (A-rated) Underwriters.
The American Hellenic brand marks the merge between the American entrepreneurial spirit and the Hellenism’s passion for the sea and Shipping. The brand vision is to establish a leading global player in the international blue-water marine hull insurance market, bringing forward experienced and young talented professionals.
The CEO of the company is Mr. Ilias P. Tsakiris bringing 24 years of marine insurance expertise from international markets. He has grown the Management company and its global network since 2005 across Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean. He is an accomplished, restless and visionary entrepreneur who owns a mix of successful investments, a top-notch insurance underwriting expertise, and a coach commitment to young talent.