Sygrou Avenue

Following the successful organization of the Open Day at Akti Miaouli, Young Executives Shipping (YES) Forum organized another Open Day, this time at Syngrou Avenue, on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. The participants visited 6 leading Shipping Companies with a long history in the field.


The response of young people was once again outstanding, since the participants exceeded 150 students and graduates of Maritime Studies, Economics and Financial Studies, Law, Business Administration, Shipbuilding, Logistics, Journalism, Merchant Marine Academies students, etc. from various University Institutions of the country, the vast majority of whom were visiting shipping offices for the first time.

COSTAMARE, DIANA SHIPPING SERVICES, FRANMAN, MARAN GAS, SPRINGFIELD, WATSON FRALEY & WILLIAMS, which have a long tradition in Greek and global Shipping, welcomed the students at their premises. As part of the visits, there was a tour at the Companies’ offices, a presentation of their structure and organizational chart, as well as a discussion about the profile of the young people that each Company is looking for.

Asking young people to describe their experience in two words, the following sentence sums up the experience of the majority: “Great way to meet executives of companies in this industry. They shared their experience with us with love and enthusiasm and in fact motivated us to continue fighting for our future in the industry. The success ingredient is passion and love for what we do or what we will do in the future. The executives of the companies love the actions of YES-FORUM and this is demonstrated by the interest they show during our visit to the companies.

The YES FORUM team invites everyone to stay tuned by saying #yes_to_seapping!